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supy.util.cal_gs_mod(kd, ta_k, rh, pa, smd, lai, g_cst, g_max=30.0, lai_max=6.0, s1=5.56)[source]

Model surface conductance/resistance using phenology and atmospheric forcing conditions.

  • kd (numeric) – Incoming solar radiation [W m-2]
  • ta_k (numeric) – Air temperature [K]
  • rh (numeric) – Relative humidity [%]
  • pa (numeric) – Air pressure
  • smd (numeric) – Soil moisture deficit [mm]
  • lai (numeric) – Leaf area index [m2 m-2]
  • g_cst (size-6 array) – Parameters to determine surface conductance/resistance: g1 (LAI related), g2 (solar radiation related), g3 (humidity related), g4 (humidity related), g5 (air temperature related), g6 (soil moisture related)
  • g_max (numeric, optional) – Maximum surface conductance [mm s-1], by default 30
  • lai_max (numeric, optional) – Maximum LAI [m2 m-2], by default 6
  • s1 (numeric, optional) – Wilting point (WP=s1/g6, indicated as deficit [mm]) related parameter, by default 5.56

Modelled surface conductance [mm s-1]

Return type: